surfingMundaka proudly boasts about its left wave, and with good reason, as it is considered to be the best wave in Europe in this category.

This famous left wave attracts many surfers from all over the world who add a touch of colour to the water with their surfboards. It rises at the sandbar of Mundaka and breaks on the Laida beach. The wave is generated by south-southwest winds and it can reach 4 meters in height and be 400 meters long. The wave is shaped like a tube which enables surfers to view the coast from inside the wave which is an added attraction.

Mundaka organizes a competition in its waters every year and it has hosted nine editions of the World Circuit. Due to that some of the best surfers in the world have widened their lists of victories by riding this wave, for example, Mark Occhilupo, Kelly Slater, Bobby Martínez and Adriano de Souza.

The left wave of Mundaka has become, without doubt, a great tourist attraction not only in Mundaka, but also in all the Basque Country. The town receives large numbers of visitors with a warm welcome, both surfers and non-surfers, who enjoy the rich local gastronomy, the superb views and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

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Mundaka Surf Taldea

Address: Joseba Deuna, 2 - 48360 Mundaka
Phone number: 94 617 72 00
Fax: 94 687 68 41

Opening hours: Friday and saturday, from 19:00 to 22:00
Responsible: Vicente Sanz