Tourism of Mundaka


ST. Mary´s church

St. Mary’s parish church is an outstanding structure, a fabulous Renaissance-style church that stands out above the watch tower, at a great height. This church already existed in the 11th C. as a document still exists recording the donation, in the year 1071, when Iñigo López de Nuño was Lord of Biscay, to Núñez de Vizcaya in the monastery of San Juan de la Peña, in 1050 in Aragon, to which was added the church of St. Mary together with the town of Mundaka.

The church was destroyed during the family wars, and rebuilt and enlarged in the 15th C. A relic of Peter the Apostle is worshipped there.

Shrine of ST. Catherine

The Shrine of Santa Catalina, located on the peninsula of the same name, dated from the 19th century. It is a privileged site due to the spectacular beauty of the surroundings and its strategic position, at the entrance to the estuary, commanding all manoeuvres made in entering and leaving the estuary of Mundaka. The building is a transition from Gothic to Renaissance. The walls surrounding the shrine are the ancient remains of a fortress from the same period.

During its history, due to its distance from the town centre, it was often used as a meeting place for the fishermen’s guild and a place for quarantining the victims of epidemics.

The Calvary Cross

The penitential cross is situated in the street of the same name and is in the late Roman Renaissance style. With the crucifix on one side of the cross and the Virgin and child on the other, the cross is dated 1611; although the letters are faint, the following inscription can be read in the sandstone “Rodrigo Abad de Mendecano had this cross made and you, the reader, pray to the sovereign”.

The Port

The streets forming its old quarter radiate from the harbour. This is where its noble past can be felt in its houses with their coats of arms, and in its medieval towers interspersed with the fishermen's traditional houses, which were always built looking out to sea.

Atalaya Viewpoint

The atalaya viewpoint is the best place to enjoy the beauty of the waves that rise at the mouth of the estuary. It is a quiet place with superb views.

Portuondo Viewpoint

The Portuondo viewpoint provides one of the best views of the Mundaka estuary, where the grenness of the mountains and the sea come together.